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50 Things to know and do Before Moving to Australia

50 Things to know and do Before Moving to Australia

Are you thinking about moving to Australia? There are important things concerning the life in the Land Down that we think are necessary if you know about. The culture of Aussies is more than just the barbecues, the beer and the hot weather.  Australia is a land of genuine variety where you can surf and ski in the same day. All the things ranging from the weather to the wildlife are exciting, colorful and a bit so dangerous. Australia is one country where no two people will ever have the same experience unless they closely follow each other.

Here is a guide on the 110 things you need to do before moving to Australia

  1. Mindset

It is important that you first do some sort of resetting in your mind that you will be travelling to such a country where culture is totally different and life is full of struggles which is totally different from your country. You will barely find ease in Australia if you are a work shirker and a lethargic. Although you might not be very habitual of any work in your native country, in Australia you will have to work and will have to get away from the comfort type of life. You need to prepare your mind for any type of hardships, homesickness and many other types of challenges.

  1. Will I need Visa for Visiting Australia?

Ensure that you always check the requirements for visiting Australia and check if you will need a Visa.  The best way to find out what you will require is by checking the Visa Finder on the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs Website.

  1. What are the Australian Customs?

Have you ever see episodes of ‘Australian Border Control’ programme? If yes, you will know that there are items that cannot be brought into Australia. Some of the obvious thins are drugs, weapons and other items like meat, fruit, shoes with clay or mud attached, vegetables and wooden items.

  1. Mobile Phones in Australia

In case you do have an unlocked cell phone, it is much easier to purchase a prepaid sim card. If you will be moving to Australia and you are interested in a long term solution, you can opt to pay monthly contracts.

  1. Australian Food

When you plan to visit Australia, BBQ and eating outside will spring into your mind immediately. Whenever you go out and about during the school holidays and weekends, you will always come across families enjoying BBQ at the lagoon, beach or park.

Tim Tams, Vegemite, Anzac biscuits and Lamingtons are the other popular Australian foods.

  1. Australian Slang

Majority of us belonging to a particular slang will always know of a particular saying concerning a shrimp and a BBQ.  However, there is no Aussie who will use this phrase. Instead you will hear of other phrases which will be familiar to them.

  1. Australian Sport

Here are some of the popular sports in Australia

  • The MCG
  • The Ashes
  • Cricket
  • The WACA
  • Rugby League
  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Rugby Union
  • The Gabba

Australian Open and the Melbourne open are the most popular sports.

  1. Australian Popular Culture 

TV is not that popular in Australia due to the great outdoor lifestyle. However, there is always the Netflix and the Aussie version stan which you can always binge on.

There are films which are highly recommended to people before they visit Australia. Although my list is not that detailed, it will provide you with a hint on the best films you can always check on. They are the Rabbit-Proof Fence, Muriel’s Wedding and the flamboyant Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

  1. Australia Animals 

Platypus, wombats, echidna, kangaroos, koala and possum are just but some of the popular animals you will come across when you visit Australia. You will also see some spiders and snakes but I would like to dwell on the critters.

  1. Best Beaches in Australia

 Before taking a place to Australia, it is important that you know some of the best beaches you can always spend your time on. Covering a 50,000 km and having over 10,000 beaches, you will for sure be spoilt for choice. Here are some of the most famous beaches you need to consider.

  • Cable beach, Broome
  • Main beach Noosa
  • Bondi beach-Sydney
  • 75 mile beach- Fraser Island
  • Burleigh Heads Beach – Gold Coast
  • Main Beach – Byron Bay
  • Whitehaven – Beach Whitsundays
  • Wineglass bay – Tasmania
  1. Weather do Vary

 Most people do think the weather in Australia is always sunny and hot on a daily basis in every corner. However, this is not the case as during the summer period in the south, the north is usually wet.  At times it even snows in some of the parts of the country that you can even ski.

  1. Ensure you are aware of the sun

Whenever it shines in Australia, it does shine. The summer temperature is some of the areas can be very scorching, can even go to over 40°C and according to recent research, it is expected to hit 50°C by 2040. Since the ozone layer above Australia is very thin, the sun in Aussie is usually very hot.

13.There are bushfires

When the conditions are correct, most of the parts especially in rural Australia are able to light up in flames.  The country is said to experience an average of over 50,000 bushfires annually. When the temperatures are that high and winds strong, the dry vegetation is Australia does offer perfect fuel for fire.  It’s all about what will start it like a bushfire arsonist or a lightning storm and the damage can be very devastating.

  1. Australian Ski holidays are great 

The Australian Alps does receive more snowfall than Switzerland. It is one thing that Aussies love to tell any visitor in their country. When they start speaking about it, just interrupt them and say you already know about it.  You will immediately become an accepted member into the community.

  1. Always stay on the left

Despite most people knowing that Aussies do drive on the left, very few know that people walk on their left. It does seem like a very sensible system although there are more countries which have not yet adopted it.

For example, in the UK the orderly system does fall apart when you are on the pavement. You are able to walk on any side you want. However, when you are in Australia, there are rules which you will have to follow.

  1. It is a crime to jaywalk 

You cannot just cross the road when you feel like unless you want to spend the rest of your life in the Aussies prisons. Sorry, it’s just a joke.  You will be fined AUD$70.

  1. More life than cities 

Up to 90% of the Australians do live in the cities hence it does make a lot of sense that they do get the most of attention. Definitely, when you are asked what places you will be visiting, Sydney, Australia and Melbourne will always be your first suggestions.  When you speak about Kata Tjuta or Uluru, you will for sure impress anyone you are talking to. There are lots of amazing places in Australia when you get out of the cities.

  1. Australia is expensive. 

In Australia, everything is super expensive and you will be very lucky to pay for a pint less than $10 unless you are not in any of the big cities.

In this country, your income will always reflect on the high cost of everything hence, it will always become a bit relative.

  1. Never worry about wildlife

 It’s natural for anyone to believe that Australia is full of animals which are out to get you. However, this is just but a stereotype concerning the Oz that will never go away. However, you better spend your time worrying about other things such as the bushfires and the sunburn. Currently, we do have very dangerous creatures across the country.

  1. Never worry about the magpies

 The magpies are always out to get you. For sure, these birds do get aggressive and will always swoop down on any unsuspecting cyclist or pedestrian. You will probably be doomed even if you are suspecting. There is a site called Magpie alert which will offer you with a love map concerning all the magpie attack location in the country.

  1. The Kangaroos are not that special

 Kangaroo is an Icon of Australia hence you will always expect it to be treated with some special preferences. After all, they are so strange and bouncy. The Joeys are among the cutest baby mammals you will ever come across.

  1. Aussies do love their meat

 It is a bad idea being any type of animal in Australia unless you taste awful. Australians are known to consume more meat than any other country in the world. Chicken and beef are among the most popular but it’s also possible to get Kangaroo, possum, emu and crocodile.

  1. The Barbecues are a right

 The culture of barbecue is very important to the Aussies that they do have barbecue stations which are dotted around parks all over the country. The government has successfully managed to make them very much available and there is no excuse for not having one.

  1. Vegemite is life


It’s a surprise the vegemite has not appeared on the national flag of Australia. The black paste is an important part in any Aussies life.

  1. Proper Coffee is important

 You will know you are serious about coffee when the Starbucks are not even able to handle it. Back in 2008, the company was forced to shut down 70% of its branches in Australia due to completion from local coffee shops. The Aussies do appreciate some proper coffee.

  1. There is Universal healthcare 

Somehow similar to the barbecues, the healthcare is also free in Australia. It referred to as the Medicare and you can always use it provided you do have a permanent residency. However, there have been some lovely agreements with other countries like New Zealand and UK meaning temporary visitors from those countries is able to use the Medicare.

  1. Always Respect the Workers 

Aussies do care about the rights of their workers and that’s really great. The country is among the first in the world to implement the 40- hour work week and it does have the highest minimum wage in the world.

  1. Sizes of beers are weird

In most English pubs, when you request for a pint, it’s just that. However, in Australia, there are lots of choices on offer depending on how much you will be able to handle.

  1. Smoking will cost a bomb

The government of Australia does not want their citizens to smoke. This has forced the government to make smoking very expensive. Currently, the smokers have to pay a tax of $ 0.7 on every cigarette they smoke.

  1. Aussies Love sport

If you were in a position to measure how much a country loves sport, Australia will definitely be among the top countries. Cricket balls and cricket bats do flow through their veins. However, the most popular sport according to attendance by the Aussies is the cricket and rugby while the sport with the most fans is football.

  1. Humor in Aussies is completely different

 You should not worry at all; your new colleagues do not hate you. All their insults are what we refer to as the Aussie humor. They are fond of insulting almost every person including themselves.

  1. It’s never cheap to move to Australia

It is important that you get accommodation before arrival.  Do you have any idea of the amount of money you will need to move to Australia? The more you have the better. We do recommend that you save 3-5k upfront.

  1. Murder Your Ego

In case you are a person with ego and do come from countries like Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc and from the middle class of lower middle class family, then be sure you will go through a difficult time during your stay in Australia especially if you are on a budget.

It does not matter who you were in your country or what you were doing, in Australia you will have to work.

  1. You will have to learn do carry out your chores and duties you are not used to do

In Australia you will be performing some chores which you were not doing back in your native country. For example, you will be carrying out tasks like washing dishes, mopping the house, washing and pressing clothes, gardening, cutting of meat, vegetables, cooking and so on.

  1. Australia is Big

For sure, this country is big. It’s enormous and you will never believe it until such a time when you get there.

  1. No need of organizing a tax file or sim card before leaving

There are lots of countries that will need you to first pay extra depending on the type of service they are offering you and that does not cost anything more.

  1. It’s important you sort out your bank before getting there

Ensure you take your time and research the banking options you will be using and sign up for anything before you leave.

  1. Always be ready to pay tax for your income while in Australia

You will have to pay tax when you make any income. However, on a working holiday visa, the rates of tax are different from what the Australian residents are taxed.

  1. Ensure you inform your home bank of your travel plans early enough

No one will want to get their cards blocked while they are away on holiday. There is nothing worse than have to call your bank in order to clarify some transaction keeping in mind the time difference.

  1. Ensure you do invest in the right travel insurance for Australia

If you fail to invest in the right travel insurance, you might be forced to pay a fortune in case of any emergency. Some of the best companies are the World Nomads and the True Traveller.

  1. Ensure you book accommodation before you travel

Airbnb or are some of the best sites where you can use to book for accommodation. In case you are in need of hostels, you can check or crash in your friends or family’s place. The costs of WI-FI is slightly high in most of the hostels and places you will visit

Despite some cities like Melbourne and Perth having hotspots in the CBD, there are times when you will be forced to use your private mobile data. The costs can be a bit higher especially if you are using a foreign simcard.

It’s advisable to book your flights with a company having 30+ kg luggage allowances

You need to trust us. Despite thinking that you are fine, the extra kgs will turn into a life saver when you start packing. It will help make your flight much easier.  Remember not to pack too much. You might easily end up with more than you need.

  1. Do Sign for as Many Facebook Groups as possible before moving

You never know, the people in those groups might help you in getting your dream job, accommodation and you might even get friends for life.

  1. Always Apply for Jobs before Travelling to Australia

It will take you up to 2-3 months before you get a job or something you can always do. Hence, it is advisable that you always prepare for the worse. Some of the great places you can always use to help you get a job are Gumtree, LinkedIn and Seek. Ensure you join social media groups’ names moving to Australia.

  1. Be ready to move in case on city does not work out for you

Never spend lots of time and cash in one place where you are getting it difficult to find a job. Never be afraid of buying a ticket and moving to another town because you can always come back.

  1. Cars are expensive hence always be ready to top up for a car that’s not worth the money

This is entirely based on our personal experience when compared to the UK or Ireland. In case you are looking to purchase a good and cheap car, it will definitely take you weeks especially if you are in need of a cheaper one.

  1. It is much easier to backpack around Australia by sharing a ride

There are quite a number of apps which you can always put in your personal details and get a ride through sharing of your trip. This will enable you to meet people and travel for free around the country especially if you are tired of public transport.

  1. The sun cream will become your best friend

Be prepared to be applying the sun cream on a daily basis no matter what the weather looks like as the UV index will still be high.

  1. During the summer, flies are extremely annoying especially when you are in Perth

 When in Rottnest especially in the month of December, the flies will actually be sticking on your face and will be getting into your eyes. There is no way you can avoid them.


There you have it!  Any person traveling to Australia will always want to find it easy and enjoyable. However, most people do get it difficult and fail to enjoy their stay in Australia since they fail to carry out something or are unaware of some important things they could have done before traveling. When you keep in mind the 50 things to do before traveling to Australia, be sure you will enjoy your stay in Australia. There are lots of things you need to do before traveling to Australia, the 50 we have listed   after thorough research and consultation.